Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doing The Deed, Part 2...The Secret Revealed

As promised, here is part two of my series on fellatio. In part one, I talked about the basics and some products to help things along a bit. But now for the technical part! Ah yes, let's discuss the mechanics of it all.....what to do, what not to do....and of course, the big SECRET. The one thing that will have him melting in the palm of your hand!


Giving your partner oral pleasure doesn't mean you only need to use your mouth. Using your hands can greatly enhance the experience for him!

Stroking him and fondling his testicles while you pleasure him, gives him several sensations at one time. You can also make him more sensitive by encircling his penis in your fist and sliding your hand down to the base of the penis and holding it there, applying gentle pleasure. Your hand is acting like a c-ring, pulling back excess skin and slowing down blood flow which results in the penis becoming more rigid and the head of the penis much more sensitive. Holding this position for too long, however, can delay ejaculation. So unless your in it for the marathon, cramp-in-the-jaw and numb lips, you may want to alternate this technique with stroking and fondling.


I know you may feel silly doing this, but merely looking up at him while you are giving him oral pleasure will make him crazy. Many men enjoy watching their partner pleasure them (remember ladies, men are extremely visual creatures, you never look silly to them!) and it adds to their arousal. Just keep in mind to give him the bedroom eyes early on in the act...if you wait too long, his eyes will be closed tight and he'll be on another planet!


As I mentioned before, using your hands and switching things up, provides him with many different delicious sensations. You can also add to his pleasure by using your tongue, moving in different directions (up and down is good, using a circular motion is good too!) Use a twisting motion with your hands, make circles with your tongue, trace his entire length gently with your finger or tongue and pay close attention to his verbal cues. He'll let you know what feels the best.

You can also give him more unique sensations by sucking on ice or mints beforehand, filling your mouth with bubbling champagne or by using an enhancement gel or flavored lubricant (as mentioned in part one)


Everyone has a's that little piece of skin under our tongues. Men have two...the second being a bit further south. I like to call that sweet little bundle of sensation, "The F Spot." You'll see the little piece of skin at the head of the penis just where the upside down "V" shape meets the shaft. Pay very close attention to the little spot ladies! It contains a lot of wonderful nerve endings that can be as sensitive to him as your clitoris is to you!

Use the c-ring technique I explained earlier and use the thumb of your other hand to stimulate his F spot, running the length of the skin or in a massaging, circular motion. You can also stimulate the spot with your mouth and tongue. Stimulating this spot is much easier using the c-ring hold, since the F spot is on the underside of his penis. Remember, again, to pay close attention to his verbal and physical cues....this spot can sometimes be far too sensitive for some men and you may need to pace yourself, or back off completely.


Yes, I'm gonna go there.....someone has to! I'm just going to spit it out (no pun intended)...let's talk about swallowing. Some women do, some do it once in a while and some of us just gag at the mere thought. But I'm here to tell you, it's not required. Nope.....not at all. You're not going to lose your "wife/girlfriend of the year" badge or the "Kotex Real Women's Club" decoder ring! If you do swallow, great! If not, don't sweat it!

Though you are pleasuring him, swallowing still involves your body, and your body=your decision. And you wanna know something, 99% of men don't notice whether or not you swallow, nor do they care! But for those men in the 1%, there are ways around it simply by bringing him to climax with your hands (Remember that F spot!) or asking him (in your sexiest voice) to put it elsewhere. Hopefully, you get my drift without me having to use the terms for it. There's no need to something you prefer not to do, just be sure his trip to the end is an amazing ride!


You've been waiting on it, and some of you probably scrolled to the bottom of the blog right off the bat! But I'm here to give you the biggest secret to providing your partner with the absolute best oral sex he's ever had! He will think you're a Goddess! He'll marvel at your talent! He'll brag to his friends.......(or make your talent the biggest secret he's ever kept)

The big secret has nothing to do with technique, the magic of an amazing new product or even how good you are! It's simple, in fact, that you may not believe may walk away from my blog thinking I'm full of it....but trust me.

The secret to the best fellatio he's ever experienced is....ENTHUSIASM! Yes ladies, get into it! Worship the very penis you are pleasuring! Treat it as if you've been crawling through the most dry and desolate desert and your desperately thirsty you could die....and he is a cool, crisp, clear glass of water! He's the double hot fudge sundae you've been craving since starting that diet!

Moan, groan, giggle, look up at him, tell him how much you're enjoying it, growl, purr and just go nuts! Be an actress if you must, go for that Oscar! But being aroused to your absolute brink is the best way to do it. When you're fully aroused, I'm sure you're an animal.....let that animal go! Your sheer excitement and enthusiasm will arouse him in a way you can't achieve's all psychological! And aren't our brains the most sexual of all of our organs?

Give it a'll be happy you did! Good luck ladies!


James said...

You are so right about enthusiasm...

Funny how simple this is...

Throw yourself into making love, and nothing will surpass what comes from enthusiasm..

And then, try enthusiasm in all aspects of your life.