Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down On Your Knees Ladies, Let's Do "The Deed"

Yes, I have been missing in action for a bit, but I'm back! And what a better way to start the new year than by talking about oral sex?!

**Just a little warning for those either at work or surrounded by little eyes, if you click any of the product links, it will take you to my adult shop. Product links are bold and in darker green.**

Whether you call it "blow job", "going down on", "giving head" or "earning shopping money", it all means the same thing..... fellatio....the act of pleasuring a man orally.

In this two part series, I'm going to talk to you about the art of pleasuring your partner in the most intimate way possible. We'll talk about about products to enhance the experience for him as well as tips, tricks and products to make the experience a pleasurable one for you as well. And at the end.....I'm going to tell you the ULTIMATE SECRET of giving the best fellatio he's ever had! Yes, readers, there IS a secret!


The most important thing you can do for yourself and your partner is to drop the idea that you can perform, look like, or sound like a porn star. It's just not possible.....unless you have a camera crew, make up artists, lighting guys, hair dressers and someone to play cheesy music hiding in your closet and ready to go when you yell, "Action!" This act is only about the two of you and how to make him feel good! It's not about how long you can go before your jaw locks, what sexy positions you can contort your body into or even whether or not you swallow.


Though some women actually enjoy pleasuring their partner orally, there are some women who have problems with it for one reason or another.

Relaxing is absolutely crucial. Just as I said above, about not trying to be a porn star, you need to stop putting pressure on yourself. Trust me, there is no contest here and to him, it just feels good! Relax by having a glass of wine or cocktail, maybe taking a warm bath or shower (with him is a big plus), or sharing a massage. Take your time and make out a bit, not only is this not a contest, it's not a race either.

Making sure you are aroused is also a key to performing at your best. Just like preparing yourself for orgasm, being aroused before giving him oral pleasure allows you to concentrate not only on his pleasure, but the way you are feeling as well. If necessary, position yourself to where he can pleasure you orally or stimulate your clitoris while you perform oral sex on him. You can also use a strap-on type clitoral stimulator if you prefer to stay in a more submissive position. Hold off on your own orgasm as long as possible, the more aroused you are, the less inhibited you'll be.

"GAG ME WITH A......"

Contrary to what the pornography industry would have use believe, not all women are Linda Lovelace and have the capability of "deep throating" without gagging and retching. Yes, we can surprise ourselves sometimes and take much more than we ever thought we could, yet still other times, the slightest off-rhythm poke or movement can cause us to feel like we're going to lose our dinner!

Relaxing and being aroused helps with this problem a great deal. But for those of you who just can't seem to relax enough, there are a few of products I'd like to introduce you to.

First (drum roll, please) is Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm. This product has been my best seller, to date. Though it is billed as a "stimulation gel", I discovered many years ago that it has an even better use. When applied to the very back of the tongue, after mere minutes, it numbs the gag reflex! It has a strong, but not unpleasant, mint flavor and lasts plenty long enough to get "the job" done. It only takes a small dollop to achieve numbness, so a container will last and pay for itself very quickly!

Secondly, I highly recommend this simple male masturbation sleeve. After he is aroused, slather him with a flavored lubricant and slide the sleeve over his penis and down toward the base. As you pleasure him orally, you can move the sleeve up and down and around in a twisting motion. This will more than mimic the feel of him being completely devoured and you can keep your dinner at the same time.

Finally, there is "Good Head." Sometimes a name says it all! This tasty gel can be used during oral sex to give him a cool, tingly sensation and provide you with a sweet taste at the same time. The bonus to this product is that afterward, when you have intercourse, he will feel icy cold to you and you will feel hot, hot, hot to him!


If you're one of those ladies who doesn't mind, or even enjoys giving him oral satisfaction, then position isn't a huge factor in your intimate play. However, for women who have difficulty controlling their gag reflex, positioning is essential.

Position yourself and your partner to where you can control his movement and dept of penetration, will keep you from getting caught off guard and again, risk loosing your dinner. The submissive position, female on her knees with him standing or on his knees allows you greater control as long as he doesn't grab your ears, hair or back of your head. The better position is him lying on his back with you kneeling between his legs. Again, we know you get excited guys, but unless we invite you to do so, don't grab our heads and shove! Ladies, remember, you can always tie his wrists to the bed with some silk scarves or pantyhose! Plus, that will add a whole new dimension to your bedroom activities.

So just to recap.....relax, be aroused, use product if necessary and find the perfect position.....easy!!

In part 2 of my fellatio fest, I'll share some tricks to send him to the moon as well as the biggest and best kept secret to giving the best oral pleasure! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I've had some great oral sex in the past (and btw... for the record, oral sex from two women at the same time is un-be-liev-able)... but honestly I enjoy giving the oral sex more than the receiving...

I recently ask my mostly female blog readership about giving vs receiving... surprisingly a lot like to give as much as receive...

just my 2 cents...

Ms. E said...

I agree that there are a lot of ladies out there who enjoy giving oral pleasure as much, if not more than receiving. But of those women who don't enjoy the experience of giving, most aren't inclined to step up and share this fact. I had many ladies, in my 13 years of adult sales, make faces, gross out and flat out admit they hate it. However, some ladies were just in need to the right tools and tips to get through it.

I can't comment on the oral sex with two ladies....... no personal!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've got no personal experience giving blowjobs either... =)

But it certainly is interesting hearing your perspective...

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