Friday, January 30, 2009

Recession Proof Romance For Gals Watching Their Wallets

Let's face it, times are changing and things aren't so good for many of us right now. It's not so easy for us to whip out the credit card and spend, spend, spend....we're counting change, saving as much as we can and putting alot of luxuries on the back burner. With Valentine's day fast approaching, romance is NOT something that should be put on hold. But you don't have to spend a bundle to give your man some romantic fun.

Here are my 10 romantic ideas for the gal on a budget..............

What is romantic to women and what is considered romantic to a man, is vastly different. While we may enjoy candle lit dinners, wine and roses, our men are enchanted by things that are completely out of our definition of "romantic". Try some of the tips below to woo the man in your life without breaking your budget.

1) Take some sexy snapshots: Grab a Poloroid instant camera or a digital camera and have your best gal pal capture the sexy you. Model some lingerie, swimwear or one of his shirts. You could take this opportunity to fulfill one of his fantasies and dress up as a school girl, beer wench or teacher.

2) Be naked: This is something very simple, but something that eludes most women. Men like seeing us naked....period. So forget the fact that you think your thighs are too big or your tummy needs trimmed, he doesn’t see what you do. He sees naked. He sees beautiful.

3) Have dinner in bed: This involves two of the things most men love most: Food and sex. So bring a lush dinner into the bedroom and don’t forget the strawberries and whipped topping for dessert.

4) Make him King for the night: Whatever it is that he enjoys, do it. Make his favorite dinner, let him control the television remote, give him a massage and YOU initiate the sex.

5) Movie night, his way: Let your man choose the movie for the night, along with the snacks and beverages. This may not seem significant to you, but this is something that will warm his heart.

6) Pack a special lunch for work: Not only does this involve food, it involves guy-envy. Imagine how he will feel when all of his male coworkers ogle his pot roast, potatoes, gravy and rolls then tell him what a lucky guy he is to have such an awesome woman at home.

7) Go for a drive and then park: Going for a nice, long drive can be romantic for us ladies. The drive will be romantic for him if you offer a little leg fondling and some steamy action when you find an away spot and park. Remember, park before you get steamy! Driving while horny could have serious consequences.

8) Try something he enjoys: Accompany him to a boat show, a wood worker’s work shop or a basketball game.....and smile. Showing interest in something he enjoys will score you major points in the "guy-romance" category.

9) Play a sexy game: Men like to play hard, whether it’s at sports or a card game. Combining sex with a game will appeal to his competitive nature and add a bit of fun to your sex life. Play strip chess or poker or make up your own game by putting sexual commands on the back of checker pieces.

10) Offer to wash his car: If your man isn’t a total freak about who washes his car, then take this opportunity to rev up his engine on a hot day. Put on your shortest shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. Let the water, soap suds and his imagination do the rest! (This only works in the summer or warmer climates! Shivering, wet Smurfs are not sexy!)


aNiTaHeLeNa said...

I think your suggestions are great and very simple to do =)

Nikki Benz said...

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