Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Isn't Just For Kids

As we scurry around town, loading our shopping baskets with bags of gooey miniature candy bars and try to find the perfect Halloween costumes for the kiddos, we tend to forget that Halloween isn't just for kids. No, we may not be young enough to go door to door, asking for treats with a musical, "Trick or treat" (without raising a few eyebrows, at least), but we are presented with the perfect opportunity to introduce some fantasy into our intimate lives.

Role playing can be an exciting part of an intimate relationship in addition to adding a new dimension or igniting a spark that's beginning to fizzle. October is the perfect time to take advantage of the expanded selection and sales that most lingerie shops have to offer.

Each and every one of us has a fantasy floating around in our heads....whether it's being bitten by a dark and sensual vampire or being swept away by a rugged, swashbuckling pirate. How about a firefighter, rescuing you from a burning building or your own, private Dr. Feelgood? And just like us ladies, men have their own fantasies, though they may not be as vocal as we are.

I'd like to share my recent (and first) "dress-up" experience with you. Our 12th wedding anniversary was just around the corner and I wanted to do something special for my hubby. Well, not special....but "special"....*wink-wink* We'd done the intimate dinners, evenings out and whatnot, but I thought it was time for something I asked my hubby, "Besides Wonder Woman, what's your ultimate fantasy?"

I'd like to add here, that I do have a Wonder Woman costume, which I bought years ago, that is still hanging in my closet. I've yet to find the perfect boots for it, and until I do, it will hang there. Back to the story.........

My husband, being a man of few words, said exactly what I expected, "I don't know." So I prodded a bit more, trying to get his imagination rolling...........

"I know you like girlie, feminine baby-dolls. What about an innocent school girl?"

He grinned......

Now we were getting somewhere. "Anything else you can think of? A pirate wench? Naughty nurse? Female cop?"

This got the conversation going and I could see the wheels of fantasy turning in that brain of his! I was excited and couldn't wait to get shopping!

The night of our anniversary, our little one was gone to a sleepover (woohoo!!), so I was able to start the evening early with some dinner and wine (beer for him, of course). I sauntered off to the bath to get ready, but first, I put him in front of the television with an adult film and dimmed the lights. Considering I had shopped two weeks prior to that night, so I had plenty of time to fantasize and build my excitement.

I walked out of the bathroom with my hair up in a high pony tail. My make up was soft and subtle with shades of sweet pinks. I was wearing the tiniest, pink-plaid, schoolgirl skirt with a matching bikini top, a coordinating blouse tied at the midriff, adorable lace anklets (sorry, I don't do all know what I mean.....fat roll at the NOT sexy) and 5 inch black patent leather stilettos. And although it was harder than heck to walk in those shoes (especially after a few glasses of wine), I felt sexy!

My husband glanced over at me...... looked a second time....... and nearly fell off the bed! He looked like one of those cartoon characters with his eyes bugged out, tongue on the floor and steam whistles shooting out of his ears! Needless to say, we had an extremely amazing like we haven't experienced since before the kiddos came into the picture. I didn't realize just how much I missed that passionate connection.

Now I am in the market for some red, white and blue Wonder Woman boots! The whole fantasy, dress-up thing was a blast and I just cannot wait to do it again! I'm even considering an authentic Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean costume......hope they make them in tall sizes...hee hee.

So ladies, don't you think it's time to find you inner Naughty Nurse, She-Devil or Sexy Referee? Shed the mommy persona, drop the PTA look, ditch the yoga pants and become whatever character you want to be! The possibilities are endless! Check out the possibilities at the shops I've posted above.

Happy Halloween!


Angie Atkinson said...

Oh, I LOVE this post! Halloween is always a fabulous excuse for me to get my sexy on, and this year, I've decided to be a sexy mafia girl! :) Great blog!

Ms. E said...

Hi Angie! A sexy mafia girl? I have seen SO MANY of those costumes and they are all amazingly sexy! Have fun with it!

Stay Sexy!

~Ms. E