Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Summer! Take It Outside For An Exciting Change Of Pace!

Ahhhh, summertime! Tan, smoothe bodies, the scent of tropical lotions, the sounds of nature lulling you into total relaxation every night. Here in the midwest, we only get a few precious months of summer warmth and sunshine. That's why this gal recommends taking full advantage of the hot summer days and sizzling summer nights.

Warm weather is the perfect time to break out of your ususal routine and take it outside. Yes, I mean having sex outdoors! Most men find the mere thought of having sex outdoors extremely exciting. It's the combination of the caveman mindset and the idea of being out in the open...where you might be seen. For us ladies, it may not be our dream idea of making love under the stars, but just give it a try and see how much you can make your personal thermometer rise!

Here are some ideas for sizzling, sexy summer fun!

Have your own back yard? Pitch a tent and camp out! Take along some yummy summer fruits, a bottle of chilled wine and an ice bucket. Use the ice to give one another shivers of delight by tracing each other's body curves as the ice slowly melts on warm skin. No tent? No problem! Find a dark spot in your yard and lay down a big, thick blanket. Make love right in the open and under the stars! Don't forget the mosquito repellant! Utilize your outdoor furniture too. A lounge chair, hammock or cushioned patio chair can make for some interesting and exciting love making. Be creative and enjoy the rush!

Water folies! Got a pool? Grab your lover for a one on one "adult swim". Day or night, making love in the swimming pool can be exhilerating! Just remember, this is a big no no if you're using insertable birth control or condoms. Go for a sexy swim and then continue your fun on a big beach towel. And always remember.....deep thrusting in water can drive infection into the pelvic take it slow, sensual and smoothe. After all, most of the fun is getting there! Take your time and have a nice, naked swim together. Day or night, the feel of your partner's wet, nude body against yours can be intoxicating.

Cuddle up to nature. Take a hike in your favorite woodsy park then sneak off the trail for a quickie. Be as descreet as possible though, in some states, this is a felony! Have a mid day picnic and wear a beautiful, flowing sundress....and no panties. Make sure to mention this to him after you've nibbled on your scrumptious picnic fare, that way he can finish his meal while fantasizing about what might happen next. Wearin a sundress sans panties makes it easy to straddle his lap for a cuddle and maybe a little bit more. No one but you two will know what's going on under your dress!

Don't have your own back yard? Offer to house sit for vacationing friends and "borrow" their back yard! If you have access to a balcony or roof top you can create your own romantic space under the stars with soft blankets, tons of pillows and a bottle of your favorite wine or spirits. And there are plenty of camp grounds all over this beautiful country of ours. Buy or borrow a tent and make a weekend of it. Sneak away from the campgrounds and find an out of the way spot in the woods or near a lake.

No matter how you decide to do it, now is the perfect time to take the bedroom outdoors. Enjoy the thrill and relish the hot summer nights with the one you love, because before you know it, summer will be a memory fond memory.