Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Add A Little "Quiver" To Your Valentines Night!

I am always one to want to try out new gizmos, gadgets and potions on the market and when a box of Durex Play's "Quiver" landed in my mailbox via a sweepstakes win, I couldn't wait to try it!

The box contains blister packs of lube circles that you pop in the freezer before use. For those of you who have kids, hide them far away from the ice cubes, popcicles and ice cream! Once frozen, these incredible little circular goodies can be used for personal lubrication or massage.

The package is very easy to open and the product isn't slippery upon first touch, so it's easy to handle. About the size of a half dollar and approximately half an inch thick, the product packs alot of lubricant into a small package. Plenty of slippery fun for an evening of play!

The Quiver frozen lube feels absolutely incredible! There is no "shocking" feel of cold, moreso a pleasant quiver of cool! The products melts sensuously, almost like an expensive chocolate truffle. The feeling is decadent, sexy and amazing!

The more the disc melts, the thinner the lubricant gets. It has staying power, lasting longer than most lubricants I have tried and there is no burning sensation on those oh-so-sensitive areas. He enjoyed the feeling of the melting disc as much as I did, so this isn't just something we ladies can keep to ourselves...this is a must share sensation.

As the lubricant starts to dry a bit, it's not nearly as sticky as most, however just one little drop of water brings the lubricant back to life! This makes one little disc last and last and last! Who doesn't love staying power?

There was no staining or odd lubricant scent lingering after use and clean up wasn't necessary, unless there was a fair amount on the hands....then all it took was a small drop of soap and it washed away with no residue.

You can find Durex Play's "Quiver" near the condoms and lubricants in most drug stores and other retailers. The price is very affordable and there are several discs in each box. I HIGHLY recommend this a matter of fact, I'm adding this to my list of top 5 favorite playthings of all time. And after 13 years as an adult product distributor, that is saying a lot!

So if you would like to add a little something different to your Valentines night, forget all of the expensive products claiming to give you all of these "special sensations", try Durex "Quiver" and you'll have goosebumps from much more than that frozen little disc!


FDP 4 Life said...

great ideas, can't wait until valentines day to try them out