Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mysterious G-Spot

*Previously published on Club Mom by Edwina Caito

Over the centuries, the G-Spot has been one of the more controversial sexual subjects. Some scientists believe it exists while others try tirelessly to disprove it. The Grafenberg Spot, commonly referred to as the G-Spot, was discovered by German Gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg in 1944. He described his discovery as "an erogenous zone located in the anterior wall of the vagina." While scientists continue to try and discover the mechanics of this elusive and fascinating spot, we ladies know what’s most important. It feels good.

With most women, the G-Spot subject is more cut and dry. Either you’ve found it or you haven’t. Either you have experienced orgasm from this spot, or you haven’t. I read a study published in Cosmopolitan Magazine a couple of years ago that said, out of the women polled, only 30% had experienced a G-Spot orgasm .During my many years in the adult product industry, those statistics rang true with my customers. The remaining 70% wanted to learn all they could about this seemingly wonderful phenomenon.

WHAT IT IS: The G-Spot is a squishy area in the vagina about the size of a bean. When stimulated, the spot enlarges and hardens, much like the erectile tissue of the penis. The G-Spot area is made up of a bundle of nerve endings believed to enlarge and harden in order to protect the urethra and mouth of the bladder during intercourse.

HOW TO FIND IT: The G-Spot is located on the front wall of the vagina and only a few inches inside. It lies just above the pubic bone and below the belly button. Your partner can easily find the spot by pointing the index finger and motioning "come here" with palm turned upward. Finding the spot yourself may be a little more difficult and is usually easiest to locate from a squatting position. There are also vibrators and other adult toys on the market that have a curved tip and are specifically designed to help you reach and stimulate the G-Spot.

STIMULATION THE G-SPOT: In some women, the G-Spot is more dormant and will require a great deal more stimulation. In others, the spot will immediately respond. Stimulation can be done manually, with fingers or sex toys, or you can stimulate the G-Spot through intercourse. Positioning is the key in hitting the right area during intercourse. Since every person is different in body build and size, positions will vary, so you’ll have to experiment. However, many woman agree that being entered from behind is the easiest and most direct way of stimulating the G-Spot. Another good position is the female on her back, hips elevated and the male in a kneeling position between her legs. You may not get it on the first or even the fifth try, but I’m sure you’ll both have fun trying!

WHAT IT FEELS LIKE: Properly stimulated, the G-Spot gives you the sensation of having to urinate. To some women the sensation is bothersome and they just don’t like it. But recognizing that this sensation is a prelude to an incredible orgasm is important. Just relax and go with it. The sensation will evolve from "I have to pee" into warm, tingly waves of pleasure. If indeed the need to urinate doesn’t go away, either your partner is stimulating too far up into the vagina or you simply need to empty your bladder.

THE G-SPOT ORGASM: This type of orgasm feels very different from one resulting from clitoral stimulation. The G-Spot orgasm is deeper, more internal and will cause your entire abdominal region to tighten and spasm rhythmically. You may even feel an uncontrollable urge to bear down. From there, each person is unique in their experiences. You may scream in delight, curse, shake, quiver, recite the National Anthem or just sigh quietly. Female ejaculation is known to occur in a small percentage of women. So if you release fluid during a G-Spot orgasm, you haven’t lost control of your bladder. A fluid, similar in chemistry to male ejaculate, accumulates in the G-Spot area, another way to protect the urethra during intercourse. This fluid is expelled suddenly during orgasm. Again, this is rare, but does happen in some women.

Finding your G-Spot may not be on your top ten list of things to do, but it is certainly something that can add another realm of excitement and fulfillment to your sex life. Ready to go hunting?


MilesPerHour said...

I urge you women to go find this spot. I have been with a number of women (not a great number but enough) and my current GF is the first woman I've been with to have g-spot orgasms. It is such a turn on for me too!

Anonymous said...

I wish they taught this stuff in school or somewhere so we women could be more educated on matters like this. It took me 25 years or so to FINALLY understand the things that were happening to my body when I made love. I first had to get over alot of society implemented taboos, but after that I began to enjoy sex tremendously.
I have always been a "squirter". Again, for years I thought there was something wrong with me and was terribly embarrassed by it. Thinking that I might be peeing even thought it didn't look, smell or taste like that, I worried it would happen while having sex. When I would get close, I would stop, because I didnt want my lover to know I did this.
Now I am kinda proud of it. I have heard more men say how much of a compliment it is for them. I guess it is a physical acknowledgement for them that they did a job well done.

Ms. E said...

milesperhour........I completely agree with you! The only problem is that alot of women out there either just don't know their bodies, don't believe the g-spot exists or just arent educated in reguard to their vaginas. I say you make it your life's work to spread the news! LOL!

brocade....I agree with you as well. I was surprised, during my 13 years of selling adult products, that so many women didn't know a thing about their g-spots! I'm hoping to reach women like that through this blog. We ALL deserve to experience that amazing feeling of the g-spot "O"!

Stay Sexy!