Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The G-Spot Mystery Rises From The Ashes

I read an interesting article this morning on a Fox affiliate website. I was quite surprised and intrigued....the g-spot is back in the news.

After it's discovery back in 1950 by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, few doubted it's existence although the g-spot didn't really start making news waves until the 1980's. Oddly enough, scientists and doctors are again doubting the existence of the female g-spot. Why? Because they cannot visually see it. Also, it's my guess that an overwhelming majority of these scientists and physicians are male (who have unsuccessfully tried to find the spot with a map and flashlight), the rest, in the small majority of females who either have never achieved g-spot ecstasy or never tried to find it in the first place.

Personally, I believe in a lot of things I cannot see visually. I believe in a God, Heaven and gremlins (which explains why my modem mysteriously went out this morning and miraculously came back with no assistance from a repairman whatsoever.)

I also believe in the g-spot! I know it exists! Have I seen it? Nope. Have I felt it? You better believe I have! To experience an earth-shattering, world rocking, eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head g-spot orgasm is to BELIEVE in the g-spot's existence. My husband even believes in the g-spot and has even taken special "g-spot discovery and stimulation" courses from your's truly. As a matter of fact, if a scientist were to approach him with the theory that the g-spot is purely fantasy, he'd laugh and say, "Ahhh, watch this!" and SHOW the scientist what he can do with one upturned finger. (Not that my g-spot orgasms are open for scientific evaluation)

There are entire lines of adult toys made specifically for stimulating the g-spot. There are plastic surgeons who administer the G-Shot, which enhances the g-spot, making it easier to find and stimulate. So if the g-spot doesn't exist, why are these items available? Why does the G-Shot work? And again, why is it that I have two distinctively different types of orgasms? I know my body and I know what I feel.

I think these doctors and scientists need to just shut up and realize that there are things about the body, the world and the universe that just aren't meant to be figured out. The female body certainly isn't a galaxy of stars with a powerful telescope trained on it 24/7, nor is the government throwing billions of dollars into the exploration of it's existence. They all need the g-spot "discovery and stimulation classes", a few toys in the nightstand and a glass or two of wine!

For more information the the female g-spot, go the the "Your Body" tab and read about the g-spot, how to find it, how to stimulate it and how a g-spot climax feels. No woman should be without that pleasure!

Have a sexy day!

Ms. E