Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please.....Be Patient With Me

If any of you have clicked on my blog recently and witnessed a hot mess of confusing text and backgrounds, please, be patient with me! I am trying feverishly to change by blog template to something nicer. The problem is......I'm a techno-tard.

Yes, I'll admit, though I know a great deal about sex, lotions, postions and things that go "buzz" in the night, I know little to nothing about HTML. My problem is moving my widgets and their content over to the new template. My attempts have failed (pitifully) and I have turned to the forums to beg for help from the cool and amazingly brainy techno-whizs there!

Pray for!


underOvr said...

Ms. E,

If I can be of assistance, I'll be more than happy to help, to the extent of my knowledge (I know that sounds like IT-speak for CYA). If you've got the support folks assisting, I'll just stay in the background, and continue reading the enlighting revelations of "Today's Sexy Mom"

Thank you, you are so very kind to share your insights; allowing me to tap into what women need, think, feel, and say.

The U

Ms. E said...

Hey U..........HELP!!!!!!! I'm going to repost on Blogger help (hoping the weekend will bring some techies to the boards) but as of now, I have found no one willing to help me snip my widgets! If you know anything about differentiating what the widgets html looks like and can help me snip it from my page's html code, I'd be forever grateful!

zoe hunter said...

I wish I could help you..but I just got a free one..Maybe you wanna do that first? check out my the top right corner there is a link to the site where i got it..they have all kinds and they are nice :) I want to add you to my blog you have a button//?? I am trying to figure out how to make buttons? hahaha we need
have a great sunday..Xo Zoe

Ms. E said...

Thanks Zoe! Well, I got things figured out (in other words, I moved all of my widgets over that nightmare is over! And I'm in the same boat with you...I wanna button! If I figure it out, I'll let you know!

underOvr said...

Ms. E,

My bad, I thought you had it handled by support, if you still need some help, send me an email at, let me know when you can chat about it, and I'll try to step you through the issue.

Ms. E said...

I got it U....thanks! The new look is up and running.

underOvr said...

Bravo Ms. E!!

I love the decor and what you've done with the place.